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We would like to thank all participants for the successful GESINUS meeting in Trondheim. Without the participants it would not have been possible to become such a success.

Markus Foerst, Stefan Haun, Nils Rüther


Dear colleagues,

It is time to announce the schedule of 19th GESINUS seminar. As you all might know, this meeting will be held in Trondheim at the Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The department has a very strong history on sediment transport research, both in numerical modeling and basic research.

The seminar will be held on 27th & 28th May, 2013. To make your travel worthwhile, we will include the excursion in the presentation schedule. We will start with two blocks of presentations, separated by a common lunch, in Trondheim at our department. We will then take the bus to Surnadal where the river Surna meets the fjord. River Surna is a very famous salmon river and also topic of many research studies on regulated rivers, fish and invertebrate habitats as well as sediment transport. We will close the day with a common bbq at the local camping site. After a refreshing night in a cabin, we start the day with the third and last block of presentations. This is followed by a lunch and an excursion to the river Surna and its allocated Hydropower plant. At around 16.00 we will take the bus back to Trondheim to close the second and last day of the seminar with an optional dinner at the TV tower of Trondheim.

If you want to participate in this upcoming event, we would like to encourage you to send us the title of your presentation as soon as possible, so that we can finish the planning of the detailed program and excursion. You may send the proposed title by email to Markus ( For registration, please send an email to the same address, not later than the 31st March 2013.

Enclosed you will find a list of hotels in Trondheim. Please remember that we are staying outside of Trondheim for the night between the 27th and 28th of May. The costs of excursion including overnight, lunch and breakfast will be covered by us.

The official seminar language will be English. We therefore encourage you to prepare your presentation in English.

For those of you who want to stay longer and who are interesting in hydropower, we invite you the 3rd Nordic seminar on Sediment transport and Hydro Power. This is a “lunch to lunch” seminar, held on the 29th and 30th of May. An official invitation will be sent to those, who confirm interest by sending an email to

Best regards and a warm welcome to Trondheim,

Markus Foerst, Stefan Haun, Nils Rüther


Gesinus 2013


während gegen Ende des letzten GESINUS Treffens schon der Ort (Trondheim, Norwegen) festgelegt wurde, hat der genaue Termin etwas länger gebraucht. Aber nach langem Abgleichen der Termine für 2013 steht nun endlich auch dieser  fest.

TERMIN: 27./28.05.2013

Somit heissen wir Euch mit den Worten von Douglas Adamsim Land der Trolle und der Mitternachtssonne willkommen:

Slartibartfast: Oh, yes. Did you ever go to a place – I think it was called Norway?
Arthur Dent: No. No, I didn’t.
Slartibartfast: Pity. That was one of mine. Won an award, you know. Lovely crinkly edges.

Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy

Euer LOC

Markus, Stefan & Nils

Weitere Veranstaltungen 2012

Katinka hat mal Tagungen im nächsten Jahr recherchiert, die für einige hier interessant werden könnten:

  • 04.-06.06.: Shallow Flows in Iowa
  • 27.-29.06.: IAHR-Europa in München
  • 14.-18.07.: Hydroinformatics in Hamburg
  • 12.-15.08.: HMEM in Utah
  • 27.-31.08.: ICSE in  Paris
  • 05.-07.09.: River Flow in Costa Rica
  • 17.-20.09.: Coastlab in Ghent
  • 04.-10.11.: ICHE in Orlando

Konferenz River Flow 2012

River Flow 2012
findet in San Jose, Costa Rica statt. Deadline für Abstracts ist am 30.09.2011 (wird aber sicherlich wie immer verlängert).